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We are experienced in developing Server Based Point of Sale and Business Management Solutions for the SME, specifically Retail Shops on the following sectors:

  1. Hardware Shops
  2. Electrical, Plumbing, Motor Spare Parts Dealers
  3. Bottle Stores
  4. Super Markets
  5. Clothing Shops

This Application helps users manage small to medium sized businesses in the Funeral Industry, there are several modules available in the application some of which helps out clients to:

  1. Capture and Process Client Information, Create Digital Forms for the client and Policy/Cover Documents.
  2. Helps with Premium Payments for the Policy/Cover with Reminders that are automatically sent to the client and members of the administration team through SMS, and or Email.
  3. Helps with the overall financial reporting for the business, by showing daily, weekly and monthly financial reports and also making them easily accessible to the members of the management team.
  4. Helps with customer/client support by creating reports of all the outstanding problems that needs the attention of either management staff or Client Support Team.
  5. Client Claim Processing Module enabling members of the staff to process claims on covers
  6. Payment Reminders and also Payment Verification messages by SMS
  7. Contact and Messaging Management Allowing for the Marketing to send Marketing and Promotional Messages to their Clients, or for the management team to be able to send reports, and job cards to their staff members.
  8. Employee Management Module, with integrated application User Access Control, Pay-Slip Processing, Leave Forms and Processing.
  9. Business Financial Reporting for the Management staff.
Funeral Cover Management Application

This Application is targeted to small and medium sized financial companies that offers micro loans to the public, our Application helps Loan Company, staff to do the following:

  1. Capture and Process Client Information, Create Digital Documents for the client and also allows for easy access to client files.
  2. Helps with Loan Repayments by Creating Reports Based on Repayments dates, and also able to send automated reminders to clients, and Process Debit Orders.
  3. Complete Financial Reporting allowing the manager or owner easy access to the right report at the right time.
  4. Marketing Module that helps users/employees to easily collect potential client information on site with employees in the office processing those applications(Screening) at the same time and also able to send messages informing those potential clients if they can access their loan facilities.
  5. Client Repayment Module that helps by sending (SMS) Payment Reminders to clients and also create daily collection reports for members of the staff responsible with payment collections.
  6. Loan Processing and Approval, with payment notifications being sent in real time to companies financial officers for loan payments.
  7. Contact and Messaging Management Allowing Staff members easy access to messaging facilities that can be used for anything from, sending Marketing Messages, Mass(General) Payment Reminders, Birthday Messages, and Staff Messages for sending Job Cards and also for assignment reminders.
  8. Android Loan Applications useful for Clients, which can be used for anything from, Loan Applications, and Repayments, and easy access to company messages and also Promotional Materials from your Financial Institution.
  9. Employee Management Module, with integrated application User Access Control, Pay-Slip Processing, Leave Forms and Processing.
  10. Business Financial Reporting for the Management staff.

Our Hotel and Lodge Management Software gives you easy access to modules that makes it easier for you to manage your lodge or hotel, Modules included makes it possible for you to:

  1. Capture Clients and Company Clients Personal Information and Contact Information
  2. Create Room Booking Schedules for up to 2 years in advance.
  3. Easily Create a Booking Quotation and also send it to the client through email from the application, The Quotation itself will remain hosted in the application for secure Quotation Access, and also for future reference.
  4. Automatic invoice Creation on payment, and also the ability to recall any invoice at any time from the database allows for perfect record keeping and thereby also improves client satisfaction.
  5. Ability to Send Messages to your client, this makes it easier for management staff to send notifications to the client without having to actually disturb the client if the client is in their rooms, the notification system can also be used for payment reminders, at or near the time the client is expected to vacate their rooms.
  6. A Central Client Account System that allows for your staff to quickly check if the client owes your business any money before they checkout or vacate the premises.
  7. A Small Integrated Kiosk allowing your hotel and or lodge to sell refreshments, breakfast, dinner, and lunch straight from the application and also process payments, the kiosk system is integrated with an inventory control for the management staff, and also the Kitchen interface that shows your employees orders as they are placed on the system in real time.
  8. Venue Management with an ability to add and remove rooms, and also an ability to set general prices for venues and also venue capacity.
  9. Venue Management also allows you to place a venue under reservations and also with an ability to create a booking schedule for up to a year in advance.
  10. Client Module allows you to also create packages for a client allowing you to place multiple bookings under one client, at different times and also for different rooms, all under one invoice and quotation, the package system is useful for company conferences and other events like that.
  11. Contact and Messaging Module, allowing for easy Messaging and Contact management for important business contacts.
  12. Bulk Messaging System allowing for both Email and SMS Messaging this makes it possible for your institution to send Bulk Marketing Messages to potential clients and existing clients in an easy to use environment.
  13. Employee Management Module integrated with an Account Control System, Pay-Slip Processing and attendance Register for your employees.
  14. Easy to use business reporting module with an ability to recall or create any kind of report from your integrated database system.
Hotel and Booking Management

Contact and Messaging Management Application is an application that allows you to:

  1. Easily Create update and manage your business contacts, client contacts, Employees contacts.
  2. An Ability to send messages and track responses to such messages either to a single number or in bulk, the modules can easily be used as a way to conduct a quick survey, or for completing and inline form for purposes such as (Loan Applications, Client Feedback and more), also for sending bulk marketing or promotional messages to potential clients.
  3. Our Contact Management module also gives you access to an easy to use note system that allows you to keep track of notes related to each of your clients.
  4. Our Messaging Module for single clients also allows for your employees to make phone calls and record contact responses in a call center like style thereby making it possible to have a record or transcript of Contact Communications even when that contact has been placed as a voice call.
  5. Ability to create a complete contact report with all the messages ever exchanged between the client and the institution or company using our contact and messaging module.
  6. Ability to create a complete communication reporting file, with information such as SMS Messages sent and received, Email Messages Sent and Received, Phone Calls made and transcripts of such calls.
Business Messaging & Contact Management (SA SMS)

Church Admin, a web application intended to simplify management tasks that are often encountered in Churches. Church Admin makes it possible for your congregation to function properly at all times, and for all members to be kept updated on anything that concerns them, their fellow congregants, and thereby enabling the whole congregation to function together as one family. It also simplifies processes and procedure that are performed by any church administrator, with its highly secured and always on database technology thereby allowing for capturing and quick reporting of:

  1. Event Management Module, Offers you the ability to plan, manage, and promote your church events in a one easy to use module, which also contains attendee registrations, and preferences section.
  2. Forums, A module allowing your church to host discussion forums based around church activities, and also enabling your church to publish and promote church events, to a larger online community. Our forums support video and audio uploading.
  3. Church Branch Management, Easy access to all branch management tasks, including, congregants, employees, suppliers, donators, service providers and branch finances and reporting.
  4. Sermons, Church Sermons allows for the preparations of upcoming church sermons, and also the ability to go through previous church sermons, the module contains an integrated KJV Bible, for easy access and preparations.
  5. Meetings , The Meetings Module allows for an easy way to create, and manage church meetings, our module also contains and inbuilt meeting reminder system that easily reminds meeting attendees of the meeting subject, venue, date and time of meeting. The module also allows for meeting attendees an easy access to detailed meeting agenda through its inbuilt published meeting page, which is sent together with a meeting reminder.
  6. Contacts Management Module, General Contact Management and messaging module, allowing your church to manage contact details and also manage communications with important church contacts such as community leaders, committee members of other churches and organizations. Our contact and messaging module mean that you will always be able to keep in touch and never forget what was said in that important communique.
  7. Newsletters, an easy to use module allowing for the creation of Church Publications and also the distribution of newsletters to various members of the congregation, newsletters can also be promoted amongst members of the general public and those from other congregations. Newsletters are more useful for purposes such as :
  8. Job Newsletters, geared towards the youth with materials such as job interview openings, and how to properly conduct and interview
  9. Parenting, a Newsletter geared towards parents offering education, tips and support to parents within the congregations
  10. Any member of the Church can run a ZNewsletter within Church Admin...
  11. Birthdays and Calendar Events, This module allows for the creation of well-wishing messages, to the members of the congregation, for important calendar events, such as birthdays, Christmas day, Good Friday, school holidays, and exam periods... The module can run automatically and communicates the right message to the right person without any other user intervention, except setting the messages up of course.
  12. Bulk SMS Module, this module makes it easy to create general and special list of contacts and send them messages in bulk, for example:
  13. Emergency Messages, that concern the whole congregation can be easily distributed by making use of our Bulk SMS Module
  14. Church Committee Messages, Another list can contain members of the church committee and important messages will then be sent to all church committee members at the same time.
  15. Our Bulk Messaging Utility also contains a scheduling feature allowing you to easily create a message and then schedule that message to be sent later to its intended recipients.
Church Admins (A Complete Church Administration Application)
  • Employee Management System, allows companies to manage their employee information and also able to:
  • Create Employee Labour Files, Ability to process and Print Pay-Slips for your employees, complete with monthly deductions and hours Worked.
  • An Attendance Register Module allowing for paperless attendance register marking, that is automatically used in pay calculations in your pay-slip module.
  • Leave Module, with labor compliant calculations and applications and approval.
  • Employee Messaging Module with an ability to send Pay Notifications Overtime Notifications, Important Announcements, Job Cards, and Assignment reminders and notifications.

Our School Management System is an application that makes it possible for teachers to spend less time doing management tasks and more time actually teaching and helping their learners with their school work.

Our School Management System includes the following modules.

  • Learner Personal and Contact Information Module, making it possible for the School to Capture complete personal details of students and also have the ability to report on that information at any time.
  • Teacher Personal and Contact Information Module, allowing for the capture of each teacher personal information and reporting.
  • Parents Personal and Contact Information Module for capturing parent’s details, and also for reporting details.
  • Leaner Registered Subjects Module making it possible for Learners and Parents to access their School Timetables, School Reports, and also Exam Schedules.
  • School Educational Forums, for leaners and teachers to exchange school works, Exam Papers, Exam Tips, Homework, and if possible extra educational material available online. Basically a learner or teacher can do a research on a specific topic and then upload that research in your schools educational forum allowing your learners access to such material and also promoting discussions on certain aspects of the research.
  • School Event Managements, a module allowing for your school to organize school events, solve problems on logistics, allocate speakers to agendas, organize their event sponsors, and enable easy resource organization and scheduling through an online note system attached to events. An ability to send confirmation messages to event attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and organizers.
  • Meetings Module, to easily organize school meetings involving learners, teachers, school governing bodies, and principals and general staff. The meeting module is able to send automated reminders for meeting venues and dates. And also allows access to meeting agendas, and also minutes and resolutions of such meetings after the meeting.
  • Contact Management and Messaging Module, to easily create manage and organize contacts and messaging sent to such contacts, the module allows for easy messaging and response tracking.
  • Employee Management, to easily manage school employees, create their pay-slips, and attendance register, send employee notifications and salary notifications.
  • Suppliers and Service Providers Module. Enabling your school to capture details of their service provider’s payment methods and also details of the products and services they provide, this makes it simpler to organize school events, and functions, and also to hire contractors that are known to the school. The module also allows for recoding keeping of any contract work that was done on school premises and also payment tracking.
  • Assets Tracking and Management. School Assets modules allows your school to keep track of their assets and also track them.
  • Optional Library Module. For easy to use library management system fully accessible by school staff, learners and teachers, the module makes it easier for students to hire books, and for the school to keep track of who has which book at all times.


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